Thursday, April 1, 2010

Facing the Scale

I only have a minute for a quick check-in before I leave for San Francisco for the day with my hubby and some friends (we are going to see Wicked tonight - I can't wait!) but I wanted to blog about weighing myself this morning. For those who don't remember, I had my husband hide my scale for two weeks and today was the day I got it back. Actually, he put it out last night before bed so that I could have it first thing this morning to weigh myself, and I was even strong enough not to weigh myself when I had to pee before bed. Then this morning, when I first got up and was undressed before putting on my workout clothes, I faced the scale. It was REALLY hard for me to get on it. I stared at it for a minute, trying to breathe slowly. I was really scared of the unknown - I had no idea whether I would be up or down, and I was just praying that the slow work I have been doing over the past two weeks would pay off and my body wouldn't pull one of its tricks where for no apparent reason I am up 5 pounds. I finally managed to step on, and closed my eyes while I waited for the number to pop up.

I forced myself to open one eye long enough to check out what the reading was: 179. Now, as I look back at my blogging, I notice that I never logged what my weight was when I last weighed myself. Ha. I am fairly certain it was 185 after my birthday binging. So that is a loss of 6 pounds in the last two weeks. However, I could have been 183, which would be a 4 pound loss. Either way, I am happy. I had to stop my mind from going through the thoughts of "I wonder if that is just muscle loss since I stopped doing the Shred and started running" and "I wonder if it would have been more if I hadn't eaten so late last night." I am happy with it, regardless of "what if."

The 170s have been ever-elusive for me since I started losing weight - 179 is the lowest I ever get, and the next day I am always back in the 180s. So my goal is to continue making the good choices and doing the C25K thing, and hopefully that will move me solidly into the 70s.

I completed W2D2 this morning, and am now heading off to San Francisco for a day of walking walking walking, so I am feeling pretty good about the exercise portion of my life today. Hope everyone is doing well!


  1. Congrats on the loss. That's so great!

  2. Great job on the drop in weight.
    Keep up the good work