Wednesday, March 31, 2010


I have never in my life counted calories. Or carbs. Or sprinkles on my donut. I did count points in Weight Watchers for a while, before I got pregnant and had to quit (and no, I did not get pregnant just so I could quit.) But I have never used the counting methods for losing weight. To be honest, just the thought of have to track every single little thing I eat makes me feel claustrophobic and crazy. But I know that most of you out there have found your success through just such methods. So tell me, please, what is the best way you have found for tracking, what you track, and how you are able to do it without ending up in a room scribbling things on a wall in your own blood. Because I don't think that is a scene my husband would like to come home to.


  1. I am journaling my food. I am not counting calories or anything else with a numerical value:) I know what a "good" choice is, and I don't want to have the burden of counting (yet).

  2. I have a long and very well documented hatred of counting calories or points or ANYTHING for that matter so I'm afraid I'm no help to you. I know there are some online journaling programs but I have tried and hated all of those too. Maybe check out Katie J is on her way? I think she has some kind of cool tracking stuff.

  3. I count calories. I find it less claustrophic than waking up daily trapped under 130 lbs of fat.
    I thought about food all the time when i was fat. I just felt sh*tty about it.
    Now when I write down what I eat and keep track, I feel good because I am taking control of what and how much I eat.
    I was going to think about it in either case, better for me to feel good than bad.