Monday, April 19, 2010

Putting the work in for the reward

Why is it that to get to the really great things in life, you have to go through the crap first? Who made up this plan? And why is it that it extends to EVERYTHING in my life?

I leave for my first ever trip to Disney World with my dad, sister, and adult niece on Saturday night. I get a 7 day break from my life, family obligations, children, school, etc. etc., to see a place I have always wanted to go. Paid for by my father. Fabulous, right? Yes, it is. HOWEVER, first I have to make it through this week.

This week, I have a four page paper due for American Lit, and a five page paper that I have to finish for my Intro to the Short Story class because it is due the day after I get back from my trip (first I have to finish reading the collection of short stories for said paper.) I have a two page paper due for that class by tonight at midnight, plus the other typical homework for the week for both classes. Hubby is working long hours tonight, tomorrow, and Wednesday as the "big guys" are coming to visit the restaurant, leaving me here with the kids while trying to a) complete all the homework and b) finish gathering the things I need from the store before my trip. If I do a good job on my papers, the rest of the semester will pretty much be cake, and then I will have my two associate degrees. So the question is, will I commit myself to it and get them done before Friday so I can pack and get ready stress-free, or will I procrastinate like always and finish all of the above by Thursday afternoon so I can spend that night with Hubby (who will actually be home at night) and then wash laundry and pack on Friday?

All in all, it is piling up to be a very hectic and stressful week before I am allowed to enjoy a week of fun. Besides stressing me out, it has got me thinking about how this weight loss thing is much like this week I am facing. There is a place out there where I want to live, where I weigh at least 20 pounds less. Not just visit, mind you, but live. And it will be great. I will be healthy and happy and really enjoy life. But before I can get there, I have to go through all this crap. Learning to take control back from my body, dealing with my emotional issues, EXERCISING until I collapse. It is stressful, difficult, and annoying. But if I want to get to that happy place, I have to get through all of this first. So the question is, am I going to put in the effort, cut out the crap, and work my butt off to get to where life is good, or am I going to continue to put it off, revert to bad habits (like always) and just keep maintaining at this unsatisfactory weight?


  1. Sounds to me like you know what you want to do. You just need to do it!
    Focus on ONE day at a time! No more! Work on today and put everything into making today a good day. Then each day after do the same!
    Having a plan for the week is a good idea, pencil in your weekly schedule what you need to do, then forget about that day until you get there.

    Good luck!

  2. um. there's no easy way out...there is no shortcut home..there's no easy way out..givng in can be wrong...My sensational you some always gets me going.
    Amber sounds about right...she usually is.

  3. Oh I've never been to DW! WOW Fun trip!

    I just had to say I'm with you on the saddles lol My thunder thighs have been slow to "disappear" with the pounds as well. *sigh* Some day I will wake up toned and perfect right? lol :)

  4. Try to find some happy along the way. Waiting for that magic day, number, situation, whatever will make your present tough to get through. Life is NOW, find your happy NOW. The fit will come, the papers will get written the vacation will come and go. There will ALWAYS be challenges. The gift is in finding a bit of joy in each day. :)