Friday, April 9, 2010

Food shouldn't talk

I've got to write something so that my exposed picture isn't staring at me every time I click on the blog to check on who has updated their blogs. I mean, I thought I was decently comfortable with that picture, but after seeing it multiple times, my self-confidence in it is beginning to decline. Geez. These ideas always seem good at the time...

I am currently trying to distract myself from the leftover Robin Eggs that are calling to me from the other room. Yes, I realize that they do not have mouths, and yet I can distinctly hear their crispy malted goodness calling from within their crunchy chocolate shells. For a small candy, they sure have a deep, seductive voice! What I need to do is let my kids have a free-for-all on that small dish of Easter candy out there, just so that it is no longer hanging around to torture me. Maybe for their breakfast tomorrow - how's that for promoting healthy eating with my young'uns?

Hubby is working tonight, so the kids and I headed to my dad's to visit and have dinner and talk about our impending Disney World trip. A note about my dad - he loves me. And wants the best for me. And sometimes enjoys giving me things that I don't/can't normally give myself due to lack of funding. For years, one of those things has been Pepsi. See, he knows that I love Pepsi. It has always been my favorite soda, and I never have bought it to keep in the house for myself because a) we could never afford to and b) I would tend to drink 3 or more a day if I had it readily available. Of course, that was before I started losing weight and being healthier - I couldn't and don't want to drink that much anymore. And most days I honestly don't want any at all. But some days, when I have a particularly bad day or a bad headache or I'm having pizza, I will want one. And some days I still do have it - hey, I'm working on it. I know it is the devil.

At any rate, my dad often keeps a pack of the cans in his pantry, not just for me, but I am part of the reason. Tonight, at one point, I took one out of the pantry with the intent of drinking it (I have had a headache for three days that won't go away, so the caffeine sounded good.) After a moments thought, though, I decided that I would try to put it off for a bit. So I put it in the fridge to get cold, because there is nothing better than an ice cold Pepsi in a can. Except maybe crack. I'll get back to you on that one. Well, as the night went on, I knew that soda was in there, but I didn't take it out. I thought about it occasionally, but I left it where it was. And eventually I won out - I didn't drink it, and I also didn't feel deprived, I just left it in the fridge. By the time I was getting ready to leave, I was feeling very happy with myself for not drinking it just because it was there, or as a stimulant, or anything. It was a small thing, but something I could pick out of this day to be proud of. And I am officially not going to have any of those Robin Eggs. Now if only I could kick that crack habit.

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  1. Now post five more and no one will even see it on the
    Nah, don't worry about it...
    I see it as you having more guts then me. It's a hard thing to do...but it's no different than posing in a bathing suit. lol @ the crack habit...