Friday, April 2, 2010

One and two-thirds miles

Today I ran 1 2/3 miles. Without stopping. That is a record for me - my previous record being 1 mile, set just a couple of weeks ago. After my FANTASTIC trip to San Francisco yesterday, I stayed the night at a friend's house in Vacaville rather than drive all the way home at 2 in the morning. This morning I went jogging with said friend, who regularly runs 2 miles and is trying to talk me into signing up for a 5K in April with her. Um, sorry, no. (She actually asked me a couple of weeks ago, and the fear that the mere thought of attempting something like that struck in me inspired me to start the C25K program. I am trying to learn to overcome my fears.) Anyhow, I am only on week 2 of the program, but was interested to see how I would fare just flat out running with her as opposed to doing my intervals. I was also interested to see how I would do on flat land as opposed to the slightly hilly area near my house where I do my jogging normally (what seem like insignificant inclines while in a car seem more like mountains when you are jogging, I swear!)

At any rate, we went out and started running, and I pushed myself to keep going, and she pushed me to keep going, and I kept going through the suck until I just actually couldn't jog another step. And you know what? I was impressed with myself. I made it farther than I thought I could, and it gave me a glimpse into what life could be like if I keep at it and keep doing C25K. While I didn't enjoy the run per se, I did enjoy the feeling when I was finished. It also made me wish I had a regular running buddy, because nothing keeps me going better than the desire to not look like a total wuss next to someone else the great feeling of sharing in health with a friend.


  1. are you a former marine....the suck is a term used frequently by former marines...just a question. Great job on the run.
    We are almost always more capable then we believe ourselves to be..

  2. No, not a marine - how interesting that they use that term.

  3. Great job! That is awesome. You did great overcoming a fear.