Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Linky McLinkerson

I haven't been in a good place the last few days or so (okay, maybe the last week) but I think I am ready to turn it around, just as Jack Sh*t advised yesterday. I will have more details on what has been happening later, but right now I am on limited time. I would like to thank MrsFatass for posting her playlist in this morning's post (I don't know if I was the only one, but I left her a comment the other day asking what she listens to, as I am in the market for some new workout tunes.) 

Ok, now that I am done being linky, I have just a moment to talk about W4D1 of C25K. It sucked. The end.

I really could leave it there, but instead I will tell you that I pushed through it. The last 3 minutes of the second 5 minute interval NEARLY KILLED ME, and I am pretty sure anyone driving by taking their kids to school saw a chunky girl who ALMOST looked like she was running, but was really more hobbling/jogging and generally barely moving. (I am also guessing a fair amount of them thought about stopping to ask if needed any help, while the rest were looking around for whatever it was that was chasing me, because CLEARLY I was not a runner normally.) Those last 3 minutes I had to keep saying "Come on, I can do this" (to myself obviously since I clearly didn't have enough breath to move any words past my lips.) My knee hurts, my lungs hurt, my face is a gorgeous shade of crimson, but I did it. It wasn't pretty or fast and I certainly didn't kill it or feel really great about it, but I finished. And now I am off to meet the women I walk with two days a week. 

More later...

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  1. ROCK STAR!!!!!!!! You know, you can piss and moan all you want because you EARNED it!!!! Congrats for pushing through. I PROMISE it will get easier and the fact that it does will be a nice big fat NSV for you! :) Way to go!