Friday, April 16, 2010

Flock of Seagulls (or some other bird)

I just *gasp* took my daughter's *gasp* mountain bike for a *gasp* quick ride down the road. Whew. Hold on, I think I need to put my head between my knees for a second...I am a little winded and light headed. Okay, I think I'm alright...geez. So the first thing I realized was that her brakes don't really work, like at all, a realization which hit me as I was going DOWN our driveway. Upon squeezing the hand brake, all that happened with the rear brakes was a lot of squealing, which sounded kind of like the bike was laughing at me as I headed toward the open road without even slowing down. And yet I kept going, up until this suicidal flock of birds decided to play chicken with me (or is that insulting to a bird which is not a chicken?) and believe me, they would have won IF I HAD BEEN ABLE TO STOP. Instead they panicked at the last second, and I now believe that I am the leader of their neighborhood flock.

ANYWAY...the other realization that I had as I was huffing and puffing my way back home and up the incline of our driveway was that, despite the running I have been doing for C25K, and can make it through a 3 minute interval without TOO much trouble, that fitness doesn't carry over to another activity like biking. Now, I understand that it requires muscles moving in unfamiliar ways, but I would have thought that my lungs, since involved in the running, would be more cardiovascularly fit for this. They are not. So what this means is that while running may get me into good shape and I could be really great at it and love it one day (or so you bunch of liars tell me) IT WON'T MEAN THAT I WILL BE IN SHAPE AND GOOD AT ALL OTHER ACTIVITIES. WHAT???!!! Why the hell am I running? If it isn't going to make me a super-athlete, what is the point? I think I want my money back. Oh wait, running doesn't cost me anything. Crap.


  1. so, now every time you ride the bike you are followed by a flock of birds...ha! that'd make the news.

  2. lol @ seth.
    thats why 'they' say to mix things up every couple of trick your body. So 'they'
    Think I'll start calling you "leader of the flock'.
    If nothing else...your excellerated heart rate probably burned a few more

  3. Yikes!!!

    You are hilarious.

    They have a nest. That happened to me once only I was running. I just about peed myself.