Thursday, August 16, 2012

Changing my life

I'm coming to you today from a Starbucks in Pomona California, 418 miles from my home in Sacramento. The hubby and I are deep in the process of trying to change our lives, our future, and that of our four children. And let me tell you, it has been rough going. Hubby was accepted to Cal Poly Pomona, which has a bachelor's degree in hospitality management, specifically restaurants and hotels. He is currently the manager of a restaurant back home, but is somewhat stuck where he is no matter where he goes unless he gets a degree. His acceptance to this high rated program came while he was lying in a hospital bed two days after his heart surgery, and we've been working to make it happen ever since. This program can lead to his dream, and to a better life for our children, one in which we aren't always struggling for money and the answer isn't always "no." Today he is at orientation and I am seeking housing, and in this area finding something we can afford that can house 6 people is nearly impossible. I am trying to trust that there is a plan for my family, and that if I make my best effort it will work out...but it is so hard. Did you know there is a law in California that you can't have more than 5 people in a two bedroom apartment? How ridiculous is it that the state can tell me I can't squeeze my four kids into one room? Argh. I've been consumed by the stress of this endeavor for months now, which in part is why I've been so quiet around here. I am a worrier, I have fear and I succumb to it husband is the staunchly faithful one who believes that it will all work out. It has been a difficult few months, and we are coming down to the wire and still seeking employment and a home. We can live simply, we can struggle for a purpose, we can make anything work. Someone just has to take a chance on us. Now I'll fold up my computer and vacate my table at the local Starbucks I found (aren't they all local - they are everywhere!) and head out to make phone calls and try to find a way. Changing your life isn't easy.