Sunday, July 25, 2010


I'm not gonna lie - I am STRUGGLING. I got off of my rules sometime last week before we left on our camping trip, and I have been off ever since. I have been eating what I want, when I want. And after several days of this, I am having a hard time forcing myself back into it (just like I will be having a hard time forcing myself back into my pants pretty soon if I keep this up.) Mentally I just haven't been up to the challenge, and I am playing all sorts of games with myself about how I should be happy with who I am and how I look. Then I turn to the blogs and see how on fire all of you out there are right now, and I feel so overwhelmed by how far I have to go (by the way, if one or two of you could just not be so awesome for a little while, it might make it easier for me. I'll let you decide amongst yourselves who it will be ;P )

I feel alone and incapable with this whole thing while everyone around me has their stuff together, and it stinks.


  1. Umm, I don't have my stuff together. Not a bit. And am sitting here reading blogs because I have nothing to post myself that isn't the same old same old. Me out there living life, yes, but not getting it done on the diet and exercise front. So, lets say we both just don't give up, m'kay?

  2. Hey, the one thing that got me through the days when I thought it wwas too far or too much. I didn't think about how far I'd come or how far I had to go. I just focused on today.
    Each day builds on the next. Just focus on getting one day under your belt and the next day will be eaasier.

  3. I am totally not awesome right now. Does that make you feel better? Oh, it doesn't? Well, it's true. I'm fighting off chocolate and icing and all kinds of crap. Plus, I have to use the hydraulic jack just to get out of bed.

    This week I'm just going to keep going. You are too. You told me. We'll both be better and get our stuff a little more together. Fun? Yes.