Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I'm Back

Hello all. I can't seem to kick this habit of writing only once every week. I am working on it, though. 

I spent the past weekend in Long Beach with a good friend, her daughter, and my second daughter. We drove down Thursday night and came back Sunday night. In between those two days there was Magic Mountain, a wedding rehearsal and bachelorette dinner, the actual wedding, a meet-up with one of my best friends from high school, and of course a trip to the beach. And something else. What am I forgetting? Oh, that's right, a TON of bad eating. 

This is the part where I lament my food choices and blatant rule breaking and give my excuses and also lace it through with a tone of despair at why I continue to fall back into old patterns. Well not today, dear readers. Last weekend is in the past. Today is my future. I am back on the wagon with a vengeance, and I am actually grateful to have found that all that food and soda I had over the weekend made me SICK. Blech. Here comes a TMI moment: I didn't "go to the bathroom" the entire weekend. We all know how great that feels. Double blech. So I am grateful to have had that experience, and know that I will not fall so far off the wagon again. (Who am I kidding - I jumped off the damn wagon and then ran about half a mile away so that it couldn't find me!) 

In other news, I did my second day at the gym today, and it was glorious. Yesterday I had gone and done twenty-five minutes on the treadmill and then a program on one of those bikes with the video program that you follow. Now, I have heard some of you out there rave about those bikes, and I was excited about it. But then I got on it and got started, and I just felt awkward the whole time. Maybe some of you can give me some pointers? Like what gears should I be using when? And am I supposed to stand some of the time? 

Today I did this thing that was like the love child of an elliptical and a stair master - any idea what it is called anyone? I loved it! 350 calories in 30 minutes - bring it on. Plus all the sweat I could handle. And some I couldn't. Then I did 30 minutes on different weight machines. It was everything that I have been missing. 

One more question for you all before I go - those of you who work out first thing in the morning, do you eat beforehand, and if so, what? Yesterday when I went, it was a bit later in the morning and I hadn't eaten yet, and I got so dizzy after the bike that I thought I might throw up. This morning I went at 8, after I made myself eat an apple so that I at least had something in my stomach. Normally I will be shooting to go no later than 7, and I usually have trouble eating that early, but I want to be fueled for my workouts. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful day in their respective parts of the world - I am off to water my garden and check on my chickens.


  1. I workout at the CRACK so I dont eat before but immediately after.

    if I worked out at 7a though Id eat only because for me Id have been up for a few hours.

    Im not much help :) but thats what I do.


  2. My day adjusts to what I expect of it. My body is used to not being fueled for my AM workout at 5. Sometimes I do need a drink though. You should do what you feel helps.

    If I have eaten because I needed to (I can count the # of times) I always did something light. Cereal bar, juice, etc.

    At least you RAN away from the wagon. :) That's exercise right?

  3. GIVE YOURSELF BIG PROPS FOR GYM GOING!!! But don't beat yourself up about food choices. Life is too short and it sounds like you are making a LOT of the right choices!