Thursday, January 12, 2012

A thank you and a bike

I spent some time tonight reading blogs, and they were just the inspiration I needed to get my shred in before bed. So at ten pm I started Jillian up and I was off. It feels so much more peaceful to get it done than to spend the time mentally arguing with myself about doing it. Now I can sleep soundly.

I inherited a bicycle today. It is a hot mess - it was left outside in the weather for quite some time and is rusty all over and the tires are flat and the brakes aren't working. But it is a pink Schwinn hybrid/cruiser, and I am hoping with some hard work and love (and steel wool) I can fix it up. I've wanted a bike like that forever, and just can't afford to buy one. I am really excited at the prospect of using it for cross training. I live right by the American River bike trail and it beckons me to ride on it whenever I run the levee.

Thank you all for inspiring me to get my workout done tonight - hope you all are sleeping as well as I am going to!

1 comment:

  1. NICE!!! Way to go on getting it done. A bike -- how fun for you!