Thursday, January 19, 2012

Jillian Michaels and I are not friends

You can stop smiling, Jillian. We all know you aren't that friendly.

I am a Shredder. At least part time. I pop that DVD in and put myself through 20 minutes(ish) of torture frequently. I think the workout is great for the amount of time you put in, and I think Jillian as a trainer or workout-pro knows her stuff. But I can't stand to hear anything she is saying during the DVD. Even what is supposed to be her congratulatory speech at the end of the workout grates on me. So I mute it and watch something else at the same time, either via picture-in-picture or on the computer near the tv. And in general, I'm not a huge fan of the interviews she has given, or her yelling at people on treadmills. She's just not my style. 

However, as I was running today, I was repeating one of her quotes over and over in my head. "Unless you faint, puke, or die, keep going." My legs were sore today (I blame the Shred, in fact, as well as my introduction to ice skating last night,) I was tired, and it was a hard four miles. But I just kept running that phrase through my mind and pushing through it. Near the end as I was getting close to home, I actually thought I might puke, and I said to myself "Well, if you puke you can walk. Keep going." And I made it home. So while Jillian and her yelling, pill-hocking ways may not be my cup of tea, I owe my (slow) but successful run today to her. Or whoever made up that quote and told her to use it during the Biggest Loser. 


  1. That is the exact quote I used when i began walking two and a half years feet would burn and I would be soooo tired..but her voice would be in my head...that exact quote. You need standards..and that is a standard. lol.

  2. Im the only person I know who has NEVER SHREDDED!


  3. You know, I complain about running inside but I should be very grateful. It's warm, there's a bathroom, water and people. It does make me love outside even more! Jillian is tough! Nice job on Level 2! Sugar... It is my downfall. Day 6 is impressive! I'm on day 1 -- I can do it! Good luck and let us know how you're doing!