Monday, January 16, 2012

Back in the saddle

Got myself out of bed this morning with my alarm - trying to reclaim some of that feeling I had when I was training for my half last year and getting up with the alarm was part of my set, necessary routine and not something that I could question or change. Even when the kids have a day off from school and I don't have to get up. I don't have a headlamp, so I have to wait until it gets light enough to head out on the bike trail, which wasn't until 7 as it turns out. Despite the spring-like weather we have been experiencing here in Northern California (daytime highs in the 60s anyone?) it is, apparently, not spring. So it is still dark in the morning, and it is freezing. Or, actually, below freezing. I also don't really own appropriate winter running gear (I'd love to have all this stuff, but it is just expensive!) so I just did the best I could and then ran through the pain (or cold.)

I did somewhere between 2.5-3 miles, ran the whole time, and generally felt pretty good. I've taken too much time off from running, and have been waiting until the light/weather/universe makes it easier to get back into, but no more. I am unhappy with who I am right now, how I look, how I feel, and I am the only one who can change that. All the sugar in the world isn't going to make me happier, no matter how much it might feel like it in the heat of the moment. So I am forcing myself back into the healthy lifestyle (I've been doing Jillian, so it isn't like I haven't already started making steps back towards it. But it is time to really commit.)

Today is grocery shopping day, and I've got loads of great foods on the list. My workout is in (although I am playing with the idea of throwing Jillian in somewhere too.) The kids are home, which isn't always the most conducive to productivity, but I'm going to just do my best. Hope you all are too.

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  1. Running in the cold and dark just stinks! I run at our rec center - around and around and around. It is warm and it works. Nice job getting out!