Tuesday, November 30, 2010

More Great Things

Back as promised with the other great things I mentioned...

Last Wednesday was the last day of our family weight-loss competition, and we all said we would hold onto our final weights until we were together at dinner on Thanksgiving. Coming off the high of my run, I couldn't wait to find out who won, and felt pretty confident that it could be me. My sister made us wait until after we had already eaten dinner to cough up our weights, (thank goodness we eat at like2.) Finally it was time, and I was given the final weights to calculate the percentages. Aaaannnddd....

I WON. 16 pounds in 9 weeks. 8.7% of my body weight gone. And $60 in my pocket ($75 if you count my own $15.) This Thanksgiving was one of the very best ever. I plan to get some jeans that fit and/or a pair of boots - and I can't wait!

The other great thing? A surprise NSV that put me over the moon. Randy, a trainer at my fitness center and the leader of the class I take twice a week, said to me yesterday after class "Morgan, you are looking trim!" I was almost giddy with joy. Because here's the thing - it means something when my family says I am looking good, it means a little bit  more when acquaintances notice it and comment, but for someone who I consider to be something of an expert in this field to tell me, unsolicited, that I am looking "trim" (a word I have possibly never heard before in conjunction with myself, unless it involved a Christmas tree,) it just meant the world. I came home jumping for joy, and my husband just laughed at me.

The other things aren't weight loss related - 50 free holiday cards from Shutterfly and a free family photo session from a local photographer (we have only had one professional family photo done with all four kids, and it is along the lines of a posed Olan Mills picture.) That will be taking place Thursday, the day before my daughter's surgery.

So good things have been happening here, and I am making myself take notice and appreciate the good, and use it to bolster me through the challenges that are coming our way. What are the good things happening in your life?


  1. 16 pounds! That's so great! I'm proud of you, Morgan. Good work.

  2. You are INCREDIBLE. Congrats on fabulous On and Off scale victories! Also? Daughter, and surgery? (((((HUG))))) and smooch. Now. What can I do for you?

  3. You are awesome! What a great loss! And... yay for pictures. I'm hoping to have family ones (you know, the hubs, me, and our dogs- ha!) done soon.

  4. Great job! I thought you were looking skinny in that last post. and yeah for money. Who can't use some of that. Good things happening for me...I found my motivation again, it seems I stuffed it in a side pocket.