Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A Serious Topic

Today I have a very serious issue to talk about. Something that has been plaguing me in the last few weeks as I spend my time in the gym. An issue that I suspect I am not the only one familiar with. This issue, dear readers, is butt sweat. (Should I have put a warning at the top that this may be a TMI post???)

When I work out hard, which I have been over the last couple of months, I sweat. I don't get dewy, I don't glisten, I don't glow. I sweat. Sometimes profusely. From my face, from my neck, in my cleavage, and sometimes my arms and torso. All of which I am ok with. It means I am working my body hard, and I am burning calories, and those are the reasons I go to the gym. And I always wipe down the machines after I use them, with a paper towel and anti-bacterial spray. But when I get up from a weight machine where I have been sitting, and there is a strip of sweat on the seat from my derri√®re, well that is kind of gross and offsetting. Now, when I work out, I wear plain old cotton undies, and usually a pad *just in case*, so shouldn't that block some of that sweat? Maybe it isn't butt sweat, but rather thigh sweat. Still not my favorite. 

So do any of you have this problem. Or are you now sitting at your computers, cringing and thanking the heavens that you don't work out where I work out??? Any input or advice? Or butt sweat stories you'd like to share???

Also, it is Day 2 of Counting My Blessings , and while perhaps I need to work up a thankfulness for my sweating, it isn't what I am grateful for today.

Today as I sit at my desk, making phone calls for dental appointments, calling for support for our upcoming hospital stay, and checking in with family and friends, I am thankful for Mr. Alexander Graham Bell, inventor of the telephone. I know that there are days when I wish that the telephone wouldn't ring anymore (last night, when all the politicians kept "calling" me to secure my vote is a good example) and I long for a trip to a desert island where no one could find me, but this morning I find the telephone to be an invaluable invention.

What are you thankful for today?  


  1. I haven't noticed much of a butt sweat problem--maybe because I'm so distracted by my boob sweat issues. :). It's seriously disgusting and embarassing. I'm not sure if they create it or catch it, but I'm appalled daily by my bras after a workout. Today I'm thankful for my dogs, and the snow! And... The ability to vote. :)

  2. hahaha! I don't work out at the gym so butt sweat isn't an issue - BUTT the sweat between the boobs that are mashed together from a sports bra is nasty! My girlfriend suggested putting a pad between them - perhaps you need to move yours? :-)

  3. I'm thankful for towels to wipe away butt sweat!

    Work that butt sweat with pride girl! It means you worked it out :)

  4. I get butt sweat when I get on the stairmaster.
    unfortunate but inevitable.
    That being said, heavy sweating is a sign of a well functioning metabolism...which means you are burning fat. definately something to be thankful for.

  5. haha I don't think your post is gross. You actually sound like a considerate exerciser. I'm sure there are much worse things that people leave on the machines at the gym. HAHA reminds me of that episode of Seinfeld. Anyways I don't work out enough to really know what is gross and what isn't (other than my non working out opinions) but I don't really sweat that much either. Even when I go running. I've never been a sweater. Maybe I'm dehydrated? I drink tons of water but I've never had that big of a problem with it. Go figure.