Friday, June 25, 2010

My Little Motivator (or Workout Nazi)

Seeing as how it is Friday, I figured I had better check in. Where has the week gone? Well, at the week's end, I find myself house and dog sitting for my dad by myself with my four kids about 40 minutes from our own home. We came up here yesterday afternoon, and then had to go back down the hill today for an activity, and now are back at his house until early Sunday morning. I missed my workout Wednesday and yesterday, and this morning wasn't able to squeeze it in, so I told my 10 (almost 11) year old daughter that she was responsible for motivating me to do the Shred this evening when we got back. On the way back here this afternoon, she looks at me and says in a bright and cheery voice, "Guess who's going to workout when we get to Pa's?" I looked at her and said "You?" She wasn't buying it. So we discussed when I would be working out. I told her I had to feed the dogs first and get dinner started. She conceded that maybe I could work out while dinner was cooking (she also decided to do it with me.)

By the time I got the four large dogs squared away, and was starting dinner, I told her I was going to have to eat first, because I was butting right up against my 7:30 deadline for eating. She said ok, but we would do it after dinner. As I was cooking, I was telling her that I really don't want to do the workout, and she informed me that she would not let me rest until I do it. So as she was taking her insulin shot right after we ate, as I am flipping through the channels and saying that there is nothing on TV, she says "Well then, we can put on Jillian" in the sweetest voice she can manage. So I get up to put the dishes in the dishwasher, and she brings the DVD into the kitchen and puts it in front of my face. I told her that I just needed a bit of time for dinner to settle, and then we will do it. Man, she is persistent.

I think that she could definitely have a career as a personal trainer. Not in the future, mind you, but now. I think I'll take her to a few gyms in the morning and see if they are hiring.


  1. oh man...I did part of that shred video...that is hurl worthy.

  2. My son just turned 4 and is MY little workout nazi already! He has a SmartCycle exercise bike/video game in the basement next to my recumbent and pointed out to me one day when we were riding our bikes that we also needed to work on "mommy's flabby arms." Nice :)

  3. My 15 year old daughter waves Jillian at me all the time.

    "C'mon mom! Don't phone it in, that's not what we're about!"

  4. So???? Did you workout or not? I'm curious to see if her tactics worked. :)