Monday, June 21, 2010

Infected again

So, remember my sinus infection with the awesome antibiotics? I took them for the ten days until they were all gone. Now, a week and a half later, I am coughing like mad and some nasty stuff is coming out - and it turns out I have an infection in my chest. More antibiotics. Good times. Doesn't my body realize it is summer now, and things are supposed to be all sunshine and happiness and HEALTH??? However, this is not deterring me from my plan. I worked out 5 days last week (although admittedly some of those days were stronger than others) and kept my sweets to one Sunday and then one other day of the week (which in this case was Saturday - coconut cake, I love you...) and has NO soda, even though my plan allowed for some one day of the week. I feel really good to say that not only did I not have any, but I didn't even really want any. Hooray!

I began a new week yesterday, and had my allowed Sunday dessert, and then got up this morning and walked/ran (with Hubby, who conveniently got some new workout-type clothing for Father's Day - is that bribery???) hacking all the way. But despite spitting huge chunks of crap out every few minutes, I ran the typical 1/2 mile portion of my walk. I refused to stop and walk early just because my body is betraying me. Hubby had to stop before I did. I was pretty proud.

Tonight my dad has my boys, so I took the girls to get dinner at Hubby's restaurant (where I have been given carte blanche to come in and eat with my kids by the boss since Hubby is working so so much for not enough money) and afterwards I took them to frozen yogurt, which I did indulge in. We will see how my week goes since I already spent my sugar day, but I think it will be fine.

I am really wishing I could check out a scale - I am especially curious since weighing in at the doctors at 5 tonight and seeing a surprising number - unfortunately I think the scale felt bad for me since I am still sick and threw up a lesser number than my home scale will (it is brutally honest I believe,  and maybe a little cranky, but anyone would be if they had to have me standing on them, naked - though perhaps Hubby would disagree ;) ) At any rate, I am planning to really bust it out this week since I do get to weigh in next Sunday.

That's it from this corner - how are the rest of you doing???


  1. Way to kill the workouts despite feeling cruddy and I have to say that hacking up all that junk can't be anything but GOOD for you! Nice work and very inspiring to someone who has been less than stellar lately.....

  2. Having a cough is the worst! Sorry that first round of antibiotics didn't knock it out!

    YOur goals are great - love that you have planned treats too! :D

    I hardly ever drink pop anymore, and my office actually stocked my favorite diet dr. pepper after I got hired - so it is available all day!

    Luckily other people like it! :D Feel better!

  3. Sorry you are sick. :( Way to keep working out though! That's really awesome. ;)