Thursday, June 17, 2010

No thanks, I'll stand

Today I was so sore from doing the Shred yesterday that I was hobbling around the house all morning. I took 4 Advil. A half hour later, instead of walking like someone who needed hip replacement, I resembled someone who had crippling arthritis. Seriously, sitting to go to the bathroom is not supposed to hurt. Every time I had to go I cursed myself for drinking so much water. While I could not bring myself to put the dvd in the player (literally - our dvd player is underneath our tv, and I couldn't get that low,) I do see this pain as a reminder that the workout is quite effective, and I plan to do it again tomorrow. Though I didn't do the Shred, I did two hours of yardwork that had me sweating, and I am counting that as my workout today.

Small NSV for the day - since they are the only kind I can have right now as my scale is still being held hostage - my husband came home from work and asked me if I am losing weight (to which I of course responded "I wouldn't know, since someone took away my scale.") He ignored me (the only appropriate response) and said that I look like I am getting thinner. It was nice to hear.  

I have not, as yet, used my free day for soda or sweets, and am not feeling the cravings too badly (except for that moment in the kitchen where I almost licked a cookie - that doesn't count right?) 


  1. that is nice to hear AND in this misfits opinion FAR BETTER than a number any day :)


  2. I love that you almost LICKED a cookie. Awesome.

    I love it more that you are doing so well and thinking good of yourself. Rock it lady!