Monday, February 21, 2011

President's are made for pajamas

Good morning, blog peoples. It is 8:02 a.m. on the west coast, and already it has been a great day! How many times do you get to say that? Me? Not very. So I will claim it, and love it, and carry the feeling with me in hopes that I will remember to look for it again in the future.

Today has been declared Pajama Day for my family. A day off from school, Hubby's day off from work, and we are going to cocoon ourselves for some much needed family time. There are copious amounts of movie watching ahead, and maybe some board games. And probably a nap. Or two. Heaven? Yes, I think so. However, Pajama Day falls on a Monday, which is one of the two days a week that I have my workout class with the evil trainer, and I refuse to miss those classes unless I am dying or out of town. They are that killer.

So I was up at 5:15, and out of my pajamas and into my workout clothes while the rest of the family slumbered on blissfully. I hit the all motion trainer for 28 minutes, then the half hour class (today's focus was strength - my muscles were so shaky by the time we finished.) Then I hopped in my van and headed home, fully intending to change immediately back into my jammies and call it good.

Only I didn't. Somewhere between the gym and my house (which keep in mind is only a two mile distance) I had decided that I was going to go for a walk when I got home. (I know - who am I, and what happened to Morgan?) So I came into the house, said good morning to three of my children who had risen in my absence (my 6 year old son looked at my workout clothes and said "You are going to put your jammies back on, right?") and then headed out. There is a hilly 2 mile loop from my house, which was my one source of exercise in the months when I lost my first 30 pounds a couple years ago. I decided I wanted to revisit it, as I hardly ever use it now that I use the fitness center.

My fastest time to do the loop in the past was 27 minutes, and that was sometime after I had lost that first chunk of weight. Today I set out at a determined pace, and about halfway through I started jogging. And I didn't stop. Downhill, uphill, slow but steady, I ran over half the loop all the way back to my house, and could have kept going if I hadn't reached my destination. It felt wonderful. And before I had always used the end of my driveway as my stopping place, telling myself when it would get rough to keep going "Just to the mailbox, then you can stop." But today I ran to my front door. Upon checking my time, I was pleased to see that it took me about 24 and a half minutes.

I feel great, and am so so glad I went out. I am a little sweatier than I intended, so I think I will actually shower before putting my jammies back on. But pajama day doesn't officially start until everyone is awake, and Hubby and the eldest girl are not awake yet, so I have some time. I hope that everyone out there has a great President's day, whatever you are doing!


  1. Sounds like you packed more into one morning than some people do in an entire day! Good for you!


  2. Morgan, what a fantastic workout. Im jealous of pajama day. Sounds like soooo much fun, hope you got a nap