Monday, March 22, 2010

The Exercise Lie

People who are athletic talk about exercise like it is this beautiful thing. They live in an adrenaline-induced euphoria, much like that first blush of love, and thus everything they say about working out and pushing yourself comes out sounding like it is all fluid and easy and brings on feelings of ecstasy. HA. In my experience, working out is a sweaty, dirty, ugly thing that I hate nearly every minute of, during which I know that I look ridiculous if not pitiable. It is sucky suck suckerson the entire time. AND YET...and yet I keep trying. I keep pushing through and forcing myself to do what I know I need to and turn on the DVD or make my shoes hit the pavement. I haven't found that place yet where I love to exercise, where my life is just not complete without it, where I can't wait to get up in the morning and do it. But I will admit, it feels pretty damn good to make it through the Shred and get to finally turn Jillian off for another day.

So what gets you through your workout when all you want to do is quit?


  1. The only thing that gets me exercising is the "after". I HATE exercise. I'm miserable the entire time. But after, man I am pumped! I always feels so proud of my efforts, no matter how meager or how stupid I might have looked. That feeling of accomplishment totally drives me to exercise, even though I truly hate it.

  2. I tell myself, "three kids, two natural births, THIS IS NOTHING. I can totally do this for the next __ minutes because I DID THAT."

    I don't let myself determine whether or not I will stop during. I can slow down, but I still have to get my distance. Lost of evil little tricks like that.

  3. I used to feel that way about walking...but you know what. I have been doing this for 10 months and five days ago...on my I was doing cookie crap and missing my workout, I came up the road and saw a dude running. I was consumed with jealousy, because the for the first time I WISHED i was jogging instead of sitting.
    You'll get there too.