Friday, October 7, 2011

Got up this morning and headed out in the dreaded dark to run - I wasn't brave enough to do the bike trail in the dark again, so I stuck to the neighborhood streets where at least there was some weak light from the streetlights. It was cold this morning, I'd forgotten what that feels like. I went a new way, which included two hills - loved the small challenge. I also threw a couple of sprints in there. All in all, it was just over 3.5 miles, with an average pace of 10.17 minute miles - fast for me. I came back and got the kids off to school - I love having accomplished something big before 8 a.m.!


  1. Nice job! There is something about getting it done early!

  2. It's days like this I feel like I get a lot accomplished. Nice time!

  3. Great job on the run - hope this comment gets through - they keep disappearing!