Thursday, May 27, 2010

Random things

You know that point when you are sick, when you feel like all you can remember is being sick, and all you see in your future is being sick, and maybe you should just succumb to the fact that you are never going to feel good again? Yeah, that is where I was yesterday. Today I feel incrementally better. It would be nice to be able to hear again, and not hear myself echoing in my head so much. My own voice is EXTREMELY annoying! I told my hubby he is not allowed to comment on that.

On a completely un-weightloss-related note, we are now the proud parents of two baby chicks. My second oldest is in 2nd grade, and they were studying life cycles, so they hatched chicks and then we had the option of whether or not to take some home. Hubby has wanted chickens forever, so now we have two. I really will enjoy their egg-laying goodness when that starts to happen. And eggs are healthy protein, right? So maybe this could be related to weight loss. Woohoo!

Also, I finished my semester a couple weeks ago, officially obtaining 2 associate degrees. Or so I thought. When I went online to check the status of said degrees, I found that one of the pending ones was not the English degree it was supposed to be, but rather Arts and Culture. Huh. After emailing back and forth with a counselor, who insisted that I must have petitioned for the Arts and Culture by mistake (hmmm, as an English major, I am pretty sure that I would have noticed myself filling in the blank with any words that were not the exact spelling of ENGLISH) I was informed that I qualify for that degree as well. So the counselor turned in a new petition for the English degree, and I will now officially have 3 associate degrees. Doesn't that add up to a bachelors?

Ok, hopefully next week this will be back to a weight loss blog, and I will be able to once again breathe through my nose, sleep through the night, and get my butt out for some walking.

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  1. lol, maybe it's like the fair where you can trade three small stuffed animals for one big one.
    wow are thoroughly educated. That is awesome! Hope you feel better soon.