Tuesday, August 9, 2011

9 miles

Tuesdays are my long run days - today was 9 miles. After feeling like I totally killed my last long run, I was kind of nervous to head out for another one. I've been fooled into thinking that I am over the hump before, only to be smacked down when my next run is painfully difficult. But today I added a mile to the distance and was still ok. The run wasn't quite as awesome as last week, but still pretty great. I am able to recognize how differences in the weather affect my run - this morning there was no breeze and the sun was on me most of the way, making it hotter than last week. But I powered through and was proud to make it back home again. 

My half-marathon is in less than a month, and I am pretty excited. I am thinking about getting a visor to wear while running to keep the sun out of my face - I can't wear sunglasses while I run as my face sweats a lot and they slip and just bother me in general. Any of you out there run with visors? Have any words of wisdom for me?


  1. Way to rock out the 9 mile run! I had a great 5k today at lunch - it was party sunny and 72 - I started out too fast, so I had to walk part of it, but finished in 35 minutes - woot!

    I have a hat I wear for everything, its made by under armour - it stays put and you can throw it in the wash!

  2. Check this out:

  3. Way to hit those 9 miles!! I remember the first time I hit 9, and it was just incredible. As for the visor, look for something that wicks away the sweat. I wear hats for a lot of my runs and absolutely love them. I have one from One More Mile, and some Nike ones. I hear great things about the headsweats visors.