Friday, March 25, 2011

One Week Later

Seven days can really fly by, especially when you aren't sure what day it is because your life is in such disarray. We got all of our stuff moved last weekend (I hesitate to use the term "all moved in" given the towering mound of unpacked boxes in our garage) and have been sloooowly unpacking, organizing, shopping, etc. We were without internet until yesterday afternoon, which was a pain. You don't realize how much you use the internet until you are without it. You also don't realize how much time you waste spend looking at things until you have those hours minutes free to do other things (like continuous unpacking.)

Anyhow, the last couple of weeks have been rough. Exercise was thrown by the wayside, regular healthy eating is nowhere to be found, and I am left feeling pudgy, soft, and cranky. There are so many reasons for this lapse (aren't there always?) but the main point is that I am unhappy with how I am living. So the plan is to get back to the gym - I am transferring my membership to Anytime Fitness to a center near my new house, and once my new fridge gets delivered on Tuesday it will be fully stocked with fresh veggies and fruits and proteins (the six of us are currently living with a dorm room-size refrigerator, mostly buying perishables on a day to day basis.) I miss the healthy version of Morgan, the one who wasn't cranky and tired and didn't feel greasy and gassy and gross.

Oh, and since I have been offline, I have missed out on reading others blogs, and am just now catching up! Tonight is the deadline, but I wanted to send anyone reading over to Jasmine at Eat Move Write where she is giving away some free food from Noodles & Company, who my hubby just happens to work for! They have some really good food at great prices, and no, I don't get any kickbacks for saying that! Even if you don't win free food from Jasmine's giveaway, find your local Noodles and go try it on your own dime - it will be worth it! And check out Jasmine's blog regardless - she is fun and is one of my favorite blogs to read!

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  1. I'm glad the bulk of the moving is done! Even if you still have a little more to go before being 100% settled. Here's to healthy eating and a full fridge!