Monday, October 11, 2010

The Bright Side

My favorite thing about working out really hard (maybe the only thing I can say that I truly like) is that it makes it virtually impossible to think about all of the stressful, crappy things happening in life. I can't focus on the near-breakdown and subsequent fallout that I had at church yesterday. I forget all about the husband sleeping in my bed at home who has (temporarily I hope) replaced the hubby I know and love because he is so stressed about work. My mind doesn't run over all the issues and family drama that goes on daily with my in laws. And there is no worrying about whether we will move out but stay in the area, thus keeping my kids in their school and us in our ward at church, or if we will have to move farther away and start over from scratch again. For that sometimes physically painful 60 minutes, all I have the capacity to think about is keeping myself going, and the only thoughts running on a loop through my mind are "Breathe." "Keep your feet moving." and "You can do this." I never knew that there was such a bright side to sweating enough to fill a bucket and making your legs so wobbly you almost trip when you walk.


  1. Isn't self inflicted torture/misery/pain wonderful? But seriously, the things it works out in my mind are fabulous. I swear it burns up all the excess adrenaline that comes from my thoughts freaking out all day. That gives me the strength to face more stress, worries and problems.

    I relate woman. I relate. Prayers, smooches and hugs.

  2. Exercising really is a relaxing activity in the end :) Exhausting physically, but if it can give your brain a rest then that's awesome! Everything will work itself out, and in the meantime you can destress your way to being super healthy and fit!!

  3. new endorphin rush..or not so new. It really beats shoveling crap in your face.
    in that you lose weight instead of gain it and knock one more problem off your plate. win win.

  4. It's like a little (painful) vacation, isn't it? Glad you are using it as such. When exercise gets to be more than sheer torture and drudgery it's such a WONDERFUL thing! When you start to enjoy it, find variety that you crave, LOVE the sweat and the vacation from stress, that's when real life changes start happening! Smiling here Morgan! :)