Thursday, March 1, 2012

Three Things Thursday

I've never done one of these, but I haven't posted in forever and thanks to #1 on the following list, I don't have a longer post in me today, so without further ado, here is my post for

Three Things Thursday

1. I am sick. Soooo sick. Monday after bootcamp I had a headache all day, and it took me until late afternoon to realize that I had a cold coming on. So I dosed up on zinc and the hubby brought me orange juice and Airborne, and I I took a hot shower and just tried to think healthy thoughts. Tuesday it had sort of migrated to my throat, but I was still doing pretty good, so I kept taking the pills and drinking juice and water, trying to flush it out. Then my son had a 1 1/2 hour baseball practice in the freezing cold. And hubby was working, so I had to go and sit out there. And I honestly think that was what did me in. I picked up some soup from the hubby's restaurant, came home, dosed myself up again and ate my soup and went to bed. Healthy thoughts, healthy such luck. I woke up yesterday completely sick, and have spent the last two days in bed. Tomorrow is my last day of bootcamp and I really want to go, but it is highly unlikely that I'll be able to do any of it. We'll see. 

2. My youngest son, age 5, had surgery last Friday morning on his umbilical hernia. No big deal. He was in the hospital for about 4 hours, and he did have to be put under for it, but honestly at this point I think that if it isn't spinal surgery or open heart surgery, in this family, I just have to write it off as not a big thing. He came through it just fine, the hardest moment for me being when we first walked into the hospital (the first time I've been in there since my daughter's spinal surgery a year ago last December) and all those feelings from that time just hit me. The best part was when Jonathan woke up from the anesthesia, lifted his head (he was sleeping on his side/stomach) and said "Hi Mom." And then promptly laid his head back down and went back to sleep.

Apparently his belly button is now a defender of justice

3. My husband is having open heart surgery in less than 3 weeks. I haven't posted anything about this, at first because we hadn't told anyone in our lives here, and then because I just didn't have a post about it in me with all the stress I've been under. But there is a post coming about it very soon. 

Those are my three for today. I'm headed back to the couch to die now.


  1. sending you prayers for your husband NOW anyway :) the post can wait.


  2. Sending love and hugs and prayers!

  3. Um... WOW! I'm sorry you're sick. We need spring to come and get rid of all our germs! I'm glad your little boy's surgery was a success. Open heart surgery? Wow. You're in my prayers! Good luck with every thing!