Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Happy Mail Day

I've been having a rough couple of days. Hubby's job is causing some issues for him, which in turn causes issues for me. Moods around here haven't been the greatest, and I am a worrier by nature so my thought patterns have been heavy. But each day I am afforded at least one ray of light to break up the grey. Yesterday the rays involved my kids. But the day before that, the biggest beam of light came in the mail. 

Remember when I won the Brita giveaway over at MizFit last week? Here it is! I was so excited to open the package. I asked my lovely assistant to help model the new merchandise. Note that she has inherited her father's goofiness. I had my camera on continuous shot and just told her to show off the box...


So here's the loot - a pretty purple filter pitcher, a filtered water bottle, and an extra filter. Yay!  

We live in the city. When we first moved here in March, I couldn't stand the water. It definitely has a taste. I've accustomed myself to it over time, so I was really interested in seeing what kind of a difference the filter would make. 

 Tap water


Filtered water... 


Honestly, there was really a difference in the taste with the filtered water. It was clean and smooth, and I was immediately struck by how far I had fallen from good pure water since getting used to the city version. 

So I now have a water bottle that I keep filled to take with me whenever I leave the house (which I also look forward to filling from a random water fountain to test its filtering skills) and a filtered pitcher which stays in the fridge for cold, clear, clean water all day long. If you live where the water is anything less than stellar, and especially if it is causing you to drink less water than you should, I highly recommend the Brita line. (And this is my own review and recommendation - Brita doesn't even know who I am, nor, I'm sure, do they care!)

In other business, I ran 4 miles this morning. It is COLD out there, and I need to step up my search for some winter bottoms for running. Now that I've used compression shorts, I can't go back to plain workout capris. But the compression capris and pants are so expensive! I'm on the hunt for a good deal. 

So, 3.5 miles Monday morning, 3 miles Monday night, and 4 miles this morning - things are adding up this week.


  1. Love your model! So fun! We had good drinking tap water at our old house - the new house has well water, so whenever my Mom came over, she was like "what stinks?" Um, the water!

    We got a reverse osmosis line put in (thanks to handy hubby!) and the drinking water is fine - but I love the idea of the Brita filter. :D

    Happy Wednesday - and great job on the mileage this week!

  2. You have one cute model! I love Britta water filters. I have the same green one in my blog header...Wish it came is bright pink.