Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Question for the day: Why is it called getting "back on the wagon" when it is so hard and unpleasant??? Wouldn't you think that riding in the wagon would be much more comfortable and preferable to the alternative? Especially a covered wagon - there is shade and privacy. Who came up with this ridiculous pioneer-timed metaphor anyway? When was the last time you even rode in a wagon? (Unless you know someone who is Amish, then you may have. But you yourself can't be Amish, because then you wouldn't be reading this.)   

As you may have guessed, I am, in fact, getting myself back on track (no wagoning here.) Which is what caused me to ponder the phrase. I have been letting myself eat a lot of junk lately, but that ends today. Aside from what is in the gel packet thingies and occasional gummies I ingest while I am running (to prevent myself from falling down in the middle of the bike trail - those bicyclists don't stop for anything - they just roll right over you, or some of the more talented ones will jump you like Evel Knievel) I will not have any processed sugars for a while. I haven't come up with an actual time frame yet because I don't know how long detox is going to take me, but I am defining "a while" as more than two weeks. 

In other news, I went out for my first run since my 10k on the 16th. I attempted the 8 miles again, and the best thing I can say about it is I made it home. It was far from my best run, but I expected that after taking a little more than a week off and eating junk all that time. I did try out my new hydration belt, which I will talk more in depth about later. I also tried some GU for the first time, which I will talk about in more depth now.

It was terrible. 

Ok, clearly our interpretations of the words "in depth" are different. You want details, fine. Here is the low-down - it was a viscous substance that I had to choke down while concentrating on not vomiting it back up. I have never encountered a liquid-like substance that I practically had to chew before, and it was not an experience that I am eager to repeat. And if I am going to be chewing anyway, why not just pack a burrito or something? Chipotle has never made me gag. However, it did keep me going, and I recognize the fact that the fuel was helpful. Maybe other brands will be better? If any of you have some recommendations for me, I will gladly take them.

Random post today, I know, but after I have dragged myself for 8 miles, this is what happens. I'm off to shower and go back to bed be productive. 

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  1. Honey Stinger Organic energy chews are my FAVORITE! I've also used the GU chomps too - like them so much better than GU. You could also eat dried fruit, jelly beans, gummy bears or fruit snacks.