Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Old Year Hangover

Somehow that new year feeling has dodged me. It is elusive in a way that it has never been before. I have been reading on all the blogs about how people are loving this shiny new year, the chance to begin again to work on themselves. Some are making resolutions, some are against resolutions but are continuing in their dedication to bettering themselves. Over here? I am being hit in waves by things that are not-so-great about my life right now, both old and new. The stresses are heavy, and my resolve and determination currently belong in the light-weight division. My ability to deal in a sane, non-self-destructive way is nearly nonexistent.

In an attempt to grab onto a life preserver, I am throwing out into the blogosphere one major goal for the year. Something that will require training, dedication, and commitment. Something that I can control, because so many things right now I can't. Here goes:

For me, Morgan Joyner, 2011 will be the year of the half-marathon. No, you didn't imagine that I said that, and you don't need to rub your eyes and look at it again to be certain. I said it, and I meant it. This year I will run a half-marathon. I am currently in the process of finding which one I will enter, and researching training plans. I will let you know what I find. I am leaning towards the Disneyland Half Marathon, which has a hefty entrance fee and would be heavy heavy motivation not to give up partway through the year.

If anyone out there is reading this and has any useful advice for me concerning running 13 miles, please please please impart it here. Keep in mind that I KNOW NOTHING. I have run exactly one 5k as far as races go. And I plan on going for completion, not to win.

I will try to muster up some positivity for my next post, because it hasn't all been crap sandwiches around here - there has been a small side dish of good-times salad. Maybe tomorrow I can share some of that with you all.



  1. drink a pint of vodka before you go and you won't.feel.a.thing.
    I feel no New year shine either.

  2. The New Year is shiny because it is full of possibilities. But it can also kind of suck. I can't help but looking back at my last year and feeling sadness over all I didn't accomplish. It makes it hard to see through to the shine. Sounds like a great goal, looking forward to reading your progress!

  3. Wow, that's so exciting! Disneyland half marathon for sure!

  4. I'm not feeling the shiny new year yet. If you guys find it, please send some my way. It doesn't help that I got some fairly crappy news right before Christmas and then my beloved 18 year old cat died right before New Years. I'm still trying to get cranked up myself. Maybe February I'll be feeling it?

    Good for you for committing to a Half Marathon though! Me too!! I'm using Nike+ Coach for my training but there are so many trainings out there on the web - you could do Hal Higdon or go to for suggestions. I already paid, so I'm doing it (I hate paying and not showing up!) end of April. When is the WDW one?

    Good luck and hope you feel some shininess soon!!