Thursday, February 9, 2012

If I died

If I died tomorrow, I would look back on my life and think "I wish I hadn't worried so much about my size." I wouldn't think that I wish I'd spent more time worrying that I wasn't as thin as the next girl, or about the number on that damned scale. I wouldn't be worrying if my thighs were to thick, or if I ran so much slower than someone else. I would be thinking that I wished I had loved myself more, loved the body I was given and what it could do. Enjoyed my food instead of agonizing over every bite and feeling guilty for enjoying the taste of a good brownie. I need to just let it go for a while. Try to find a way to be comfortable in my own skin. Not allow myself to eat anything and everything, mind you, but just quit overthinking every choice I make. And quit letting my own mind make me miserable. Because if I died tomorrow, I would look back on myself with regret. Not because I was too fat or too slow or not good enough, but because I didn't realize how great I really was.


  1. You are a beautiful woman - and I so wish you could see that in yourself.

    I hope you enjoy a good brownie this week and savor the taste!

    Big hugs to you!